Kayak, Canoe, & SUP
P.O. Box 1325 Ridgefield, Washington 98642
Open Daily 10-8pm

1. Cancellation/Refund Policy

Cancellation 7 or more days before the trip will result in a full refund minus a $20 Service Fee per person. Boathouse credits can always be given. No service fees will be applied.

If you cancel WITHIN 7 days of your reservation your full deposit is non-refundable

2. Rain or Stormy Conditions

A rain forecast does not necessarily cancel an event or a reservation.Strong wind and likely showers will cancel an event or close the boathouse. Always call the boathouse for any question about the weather in Ridgefield.

Please check in with a phone call or email. If cancelled, we may 1) reschedule the event to another day, 2) give you a store credit, or 3) give you a full refund. For reschedule, credit or refund a phone call is required on day of event

3. Make a reservation

We will save you a boat

All groups of six or more for classes and guided trip reservations require a 50% deposit.

4. Hiring a Guide/ Based On Availability

Adding a guide to your paddle trip will without a doubt enhance the quality of your time on the water. Our guides are familiar with the incoming and outgoing tides, water trails, and boat traffic. The guide can provide you with facts on local ecology and history, as well as give you tips on basic skills to make it a fun trip. Please call for details at 503.285.0464 or email programs@aldercreek.com.

5. Walk-Ins and Availability

Some days and weekends are quite busy (especially during holidays and Birdfest) We may run out of kayaks temporarily. However, we can usually put you in a kayak after a short wait. Customers with reservations always insures you of kayak availability.

6. Arrival Time

15-20 minutes before any guided trip for check in. This allows you plenty of time to check in, get fitted for your kayak, organize gear, park and use the restrooms.

7. Checklists

For a checklist of what we provide, click here (pdf).
For a checklist for what we recommend that you bring, click here (pdf).

8. Gratuity

Gratuity appreciated by the guides.

9. Age Requirement for Children.

Children must be 4yrs. of age to be in a kayak.

10. Dog Policy

Dogs are allowed on boats with PFD only. We do not provide life jackets for our 4 legged guests,

11. Leave NO Trace Policy

If it leaves the boathouse with you please make sure it returns with you. EVERYTHING!

12. Wildlife Etiquette

If you are paddling with a group, please remember to stay as a group. A person paddling ahead can ruin wildlife experiences for those behind. Listen to your guide and let everyone experience the wildlife as well.

13. No Drugs, No Alcohol, No Exceptions Policy

Ridgefield Kayak does NOT allow or tolerate alcohol or drugs in our boats.

14. If kayaks and or gear are not returned by closing day you will be charged a 24 hr. rate.